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If you walk the streets of Sapphire Court, you are sure to hear about Calista Cavanaugh. She was a blonde bombshell with wit, charm, and the biggest personality Brookston had ever seen. Cali no longer lives in the large house in the middle of the street with her perfect husband and two perfect little boys.


She’s lost.


Her closest friends, four other Brookston housewives, continuously wonder what happened to Calista while welcoming two new housewives to Sapphire Court. However, don’t let the smiles, wine, and shows of perfection fool you. 


Sapphire Court holds secrets. Dark Secrets.


When you check your mailbox and decide to go look closer through the cracks in curtains of the old Cavanaugh house, be wary of a pair of piercing blues. They will be watching you through curtains of their own. 


Welcome back to the neighborhood.

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