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The Things

Shayla is a writer of all things dark. Thrillers, suspense, and horrors are her jam. Though the scary words flow out of her easily, if she's reading them, you can probably find her hiding under the covers once she puts the book down.  


Shay grew up in a home where she was taught to embrace her inner nerd and creativity . . . and her short stature. At 5’1, Shay is that short girl who writes about the deranged and devious. 

She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her keyboard and a bottle of wine. 


You can stalk Shay by following her on Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok at @shayappleby and @shay_appleby, respectively.

Interested in reading the books Shay wrote under S. Cole? Visit or click on the image to the right to get your hands on some books!

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